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The Photographs of Michael Goesele

"When people are in a museum or gallery, they spend much more time in front of paintings than photographs," the German-born, Georgia-based photographer Michael Goesele notes. "Why is that, you may ask? Because photography is usually perceived as 'what you see is what you get.'" In his own work, Goesele tries to explore the fine line between painting and photography, incorporating the best of both, "keeping the so-called realistic quality of a photograph and mixing it with the textural (gestural) aspects of painting." His 4-foot-by-5-foot images "deal with anxiety, something we feel on a daily basis," he says. (Dunkle Aussichten, the title of his show, translates as "Dark Premonitions/Prospects.") The exhibition runs for at least one more week at the Open Eye Café in Carrboro. Call 968-9410 for details.

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