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The Genomic Revolution

The most comprehensive exhibition ever presented on the burgeoning field of genomics, The Genomic Revolution at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences examines medical therapies, genetically modified food and cloning, and explores their effects on biodiversity, natural history and our everyday lives. The exhibit also looks at the social, cultural, legal and medical ramifications of the Human Genome Project, begun in 1990 by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. Using cutting-edge interactive stations, videos, art, hands-on models and visitor polling stations, the exhibit immerses visitors in the world of genomics. (In the Learning Lab, pictured above, students and visitors plan to sequence and study DNA using the same techniques as researchers.) The Genomic Revolution is on view at the museum in downtown Raleigh through Sept. 2. Call 733-7450 for details.

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