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New work by Karey Walter and Tate Harmer

Last summer, while working in the curatorial department of the Guggenheim Museum in New York, UNC-Chapel Hill MFA student Charles Adkins Jr. started looking at artists to bring to UNC's John & June Allcott Gallery for a show he was asked to curate. The first artist he found, Karey Walter, works with a medium format camera to produce black-and-white photography in a documentary style. "Karey's work is incredibly beautiful--she is like a modern-day Diane Arbus" says Adkins (see "Circus Sideshow Museum," above). "What I like about Karey is that she has a very odd sense of humor," he says. "She puts herself in uncomfortable situations, like going to a bar where pregnant women are in bikinis doing a beauty pageant, or a gay rodeo." Her images also include bingo halls, cat shows and circuses. Tate Harmer's work couldn't be more different. Harmer is an untrained artist whose work appealed to Adkins for its visceral emotional content. "Harmer works in an extremely emotional way and it's all self-narrative," Adkins says. "I was very drawn to it because it seems to be a personal journey he has gone through in his life." See both of these artists at the John & June Allcott Gallery through March 29. Call 962-2015 for details.

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