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Tibetan Portrait: The Power of Compassion

Just in time for George W. Bush's expanded war effort comes Exploris' newest traveling exhibit, Tibetan Portrait, featuring 33 portraits, artifacts, interactive activities and the words of the Dalai Lama, which collectively provide a unique understanding of the Tibetan people and the Buddhist teachings of nonviolence. Based on the work of award-winning Seattle-based photographer Phil Borges, this exhibition documents this deeply spiritual culture's struggle to survive following the 1949 invasion by Chinese communists (see "Yama 8: Lhasa, Tibet," by Phil Borges, above). Throughout 1994, Borges traveled to Tibet, Nepal and northern India, photographing Tibetans and Tibetan refugees in an effort to understand what happened to them and their culture. The opening day of the exhibit includes an altar blessing ceremony, sacred music presented by Tibetan monks, and a Tibetan food demonstration. The exhibit runs Feb. 23-June 2. Call 857-1085 or visit www.exploris.org for details.

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