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Magician Joshua Lozoff

Joshua Lozoff is a professional close-up magician you may have encountered at a local private party or street festival, who's now performing at the Chapel Hill restaurant Mellow Mushroom. Lozoff has spent a good deal of time traveling around the world, learning tricks from magicians wherever he meets them ("It ain't rabbit and balloon animals, let's just put it that way," he says). Although he's had formal training as a magician, he says, quizzically, that he's "learned from many people who just have a magical energy about them." He's performed for street kids in Guatemala, at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, in a maximum-security prison in South Carolina (for his final act, he escaped), at upscale parties in Atlantic City, and at the juvenile facility in Durham. At the Mellow Mushroom, Lozoff's first ongoing gig, the magician goes from table to table, performing a few tricks at a time, using common objects. See him every Friday from 7-9 p.m. Call 969-8789 for details.

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