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A vote for Catotti


A vote for Catotti

There have been letters to the editor, including to the Independent (Back Talk, Oct. 10) and local blogs, about how Durham Councilwoman Diane Catotti does not deserve a second term because of a single vote on the very complex Cleveland-Holloway issue. I believe this to be a shortsighted approach. While we elect individuals to represent our general interests, I certainly don't expect each member of the city council to vote my way every time. What I do expect, however, is that the politicians I vote for are informed on the issues and make thoughtful decisions.

Catotti has always done both of these things. She spends substantial time reading the background information and working to understand the issues on which she votes. She also makes decisions that, while they may be challenging and complicated (and decisions I would not like to make), are also reflective of a deliberative process and represent her vision of an inclusive and progressive Durham. No other current or prospective member of the council is as smart, independent, hard-working and progressive on the broad range of issues I care about as Catotti. I may not agree with every single vote she has cast (I certainly do agree with most), but my vote in November will go again to Catotti for city council.

Julie Edmunds

Don't see this show

An abominable musical theater production is now under way in Durham that promotes and celebrates the gay lifestyle. Thanks to the Independent's 8 Days a Week recommendations (Oct. 10), this matter has been brought to the attention of my organization, Called2Adam.

This play, Over the Rainbows, is being presented at a notorious downtown bar known as Ringside that has the temerity to be frequented by both gay and straight patrons. And it gets more offensive still: Unbelievably, this theatrical monstrosity dares cross the line that rightfully separates gay from straight!

On the official Ringside MySpace page, Over the Rainbows is described this way:

"Henry, a gay man with delusions of grandeur, attempts to transform a somewhat crude but physically irresistible straight mechanic into his metrosexual ideal with catastrophic consequences."

This is beyond offensive. This is intolerable. As it is written in the official Called2Adam handbook, gay and straight must never mix. A musical comedy in two acts like Over the Rainbows is an affront to all the members of Called2Adam, Durham's largest group for recovering gays.

There's more. I have it on firsthand report from several members of Called2Adam who attended early performances of the play incognito that it provokes uncontrollable, possibly conta gious giggles. Call them the gay giggles.

We urge the community to boycott all remaining productions of Over the Rainbows at Ringside, located at 308 W. Main St., Durham, 680-2100. Do not go to see the musical next Friday, Saturday or Sunday, Oct. 26-28. Do not call to reserve tickets at 491-8576. Do not visit the Ringside MySpace page for more details (www.myspace.com/308ringside).

Steve Ignoble

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