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A special election in Carrboro


First off, kudos to Carrboro leaders for putting this election on the ballot. Board members could have simply tapped their own replacement for the seat, which was vacated when Lydia Lavelle moved into the mayor's post last year.

But Carrboro, a little town facing big questions on growth, development and transit, needs to hear from its residents. Luckily, the race has drawn three strong Democratic contenders in Talal Asad, Bethany Chaney and Theresa Watson.

Asad, a political newcomer, would make business growth his focus. Watson, a former member of the Chapel Hill Board of Adjustment and nonprofit president, is committed to improving the town's scant supply of affordable housing.

But we endorse Chaney, a sharp, reasoned progressive candidate whose ideals—community inclusivity, social justice and planned locally oriented development—seem the best all-around fit for Carrboro. Chaney, the chairwoman of the town Planning Board, has the experience and knowledge to lead.

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