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When: Fri., Jan. 15 2016



KINGS, RALEIGH—"Jersey Club" is one of those tags that scans as both a genre description and a pejorative quip. But the sound is worth your attention. The eclectic style has roots in the dance scenes of Baltimore and Chicago and is characterized by frenzied, relentless bass and sliced-up, taste-agnostic samples such as ringtones and mattress squeaks. As tastemaking DJs like Cashmere Cat and Diplo increasingly incorporate Jersey Club music into their mixes, the form has become near-impossible to ignore in modern dance music. As is the case with many trendy microgenres, a certain amount of forgettable music has emerged as lesser producers rush to cash in. But Jersey Club seems primed for longevity, mainly because its origins lie not on Soundcloud but in the social and economic contexts of Newark and surrounding areas.

Plainfield, New Jersey's Tr!CK$ brings smoothness to the genre's maximalism and has established himself as one of its most promising artists. Recently, his music played prominently in a THUMP documentary about the origins of Jersey Club. The opening lineup provides charms, too: Raleigh's Mighty Mouze has learned from Jersey dance luminaries like DJ Sliink and Nadus and produces accordingly. In addition, there's a Durham double-hitter with the heavy atmospheric house of Treee City and the spare, haunting electronica of Calapse. 10 p.m., $7–$10, 14 W. Martin Street, Raleigh, 919-833-1091, www.kingsbarcade.com. —David Ford Smith

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