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A rose from nobody else ...


How does it make me feel to know that the only rose I received this year for Valentine's Day was from an attendant at a gas station I frequent in Durham?

Pretty good, actually.

Although, it did, of course, remind me that I am no longer with the person with whom I have spent the last four Valentine's Days. It brought up memories of the few bouquets given to me on this day, the epitome of coupledom. I laugh now, picturing him stricken by panic the day of, realizing he had not gotten me anything yet.

It also taught me that affection, compassion and, most importantly, appreciation can occur between anyone, even strangers. It drove home that this most romance-saturated day of the year could be celebrated between two people who are not lovers, secret admirers, husbands or wives. That made me feel a lot better.

And, I expected to go flower-less this year.

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