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A primer on the all-important election year to come



Buckle up, Wake County voters. It's going to be an epic election year from now to November 2016. One like we've never seen before—and yes, never is a long time, but I'm saying it anyway.

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For starters, big ol' Wake County, with its swing-vote tendencies and 1 million-plus population, could literally decide the presidential election. It may also determine whether Gov. Pat McCrory is re-elected or—as is fervently hoped—isn't.

In Wake County itself, candidates for the school board and the county commission will be on the same ballot, the first time that's happened. We may also see a school-bond referendum and a referendum on a sales-tax increase for mass transit, which from a progressive standpoint would be either a bridge too far or a double-decker bus ride to fabulousness. I'll call it the latter.

The health of our public schools and universities is the issue statewide. In Wake, it's our schools, transportation and using growth to boost our living standards and create good jobs. We're overdue for that transit referendum. But we need new schools, too, and the backlog is growing.

Let's make the case for schools and growth, OK? But no pressure. We still have three weeks to design the bumper sticker before the filing period begins for the March 15 primaries.

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