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A league of our own

Finding your inner jock



For the past 10 days, I have fallen asleep around midnight watching the Olympics on TV: Michael Phelps masquerading as a dolphin in the water, the Chinese gymnasts who weigh 80 pounds soaking wet, beach volleyball that frankly, in my opinion, has no place in the sporting legacy of Athens. (I don't get synchronized diving, either.)

I was once a jock, back when short, slow, pure shooters could still land a place on the starting five in girls' high school basketball. In the time shortly after the wheel was invented, when few girls actually used a windup for fast-pitch softball. In the dark ages, when the boys could bump the girls off the court or the field at practice simply because their sports were considered more real, more important.

Fortunately, adult sports are generally more good-natured than those of our youth: cutthroat games that placed us in social castes from which we never emerged. We don't have to be Olympians or even former jocks to participate in the games that are best enjoyed with friends, cold beer and a healthy dose of humor. In the following stories, you'll meet people with a passion for sports—and good times.


Adult kickball: more fun with humor and beer
Rejects and pros welcome
By Jessica Fuller

Jordan Glass, Zamboni driver
Ice, ice baby
By Jessica Fuller

The speed, skill and torque of table tennis
Spin doctors
By Lisa Sorg

Disc golf: from tee to target
Identified flying objects
By Jessica Fuller

Chris Ivy, Bulls scorekeeper
He came out of left field
By Jessica Fuller

Durham Sluggers win Beepball tournament
Beepball is baseball for the sight-impaired
By Lisa Sorg

Roughing it with the Triangle Rattlers
Semi-pro on a shoestring
By Vernal Coleman

Get off your butt
Listings to help you find your favorite sport in the Triangle

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