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A Groovy B-Movie Weekend Marathon

When: Fri., Nov. 26 2010

It never fails: Every year I go to Kentucky to see my family for Thanksgiving, and every year I miss something cool that gets announced at the last minute. This year, it's A Groovy B-Movie Weekend Marathon, where Retrofantasma presents a number of 35 mm prints of films that barely played in theaters when they were new. For fans of sci-fi/ fantasy/ horror, particularly that of the 1970s, you're going to have a feast to rival anything served up over the holiday.

Six flicks will screen over the weekend, two of which originated on TV. The first is 1977's The Amazing Spider-Man, pilot for the short-lived series, featuring effects far beneath those of Sam Raimi's original. The other is 1972's Gargoyles, featuring early special effects by future guru Stan Winston and former All-American Bernie Casey as one of a bunch of surprisingly creepy rubbery cave monsters. The other four films are all worthy on their own: 1976's "Jaws with claws" evil bear flick Grizzly, 1977's ultra-goopy The Incredible Melting Man, 1972's "revenge of nature" film Frogs (frogs are scary, dammit!) and a particularly rare highlight in 1975's Infra-Man, a poorly dubbed Japanese superhero-vs.-monsters flick about which Roger Ebert wrote, "When they stop making movies like Infra-Man, a little light will go out of the world." Be thankful for films like these, and that the Carolina Theatre has them (and that it also serves beer). Individual screenings for the festival, which runs through Sunday, are $5, with $20 netting you an "All-Access Weekend Pass." —Zack Smith

Price: $5 ($20 weekend pass)

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