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2010 HFQ Compilation

(Holidays for Quince Records)



With tracks that play at the edges of metal, noise, blues, country pop and folk, the 2010 Holidays for Quince sampler showcases the region-spanning approach to personal expression. These artists aren't interested in being part of a macro-discussion of genre convention or playing pawn in the sound of someone else's scene, and Holidays for Quince embraces it all. The tracks range from lush soundscapes (Horseback's "The Golden Horn") and mean-heart vanquishings (Mount Moriah's "Lament") to down-tuned summer Sunday drivers (The Moaners' "Humid Air"). From the archives, Un Deux Trois delivers soda-shop kicks, and Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies offer a psychedlic pop curio, while Bellafea, In the Year of the Pig and The Curtains of Night attack in their own athletic, heavy ways. Of special interest are Filthybird's agile sway, "Pick Me Up," and Liza Kate's "Sun's No Fool." This compilation recognizes the power of sincerity and clarity by lambasting stereotypical routes to either—an ideal that, here, sounds very good.

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