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It could be the Claritin talking, but the 2008 primary races have been extraordinarily difficult to wade through. In many contests, the candidates are equally well qualified or similarly dismal, yet we have to decide whom to endorse. The journalistic obligation is daunting because there's so much at stake: This year, voters will elect the highest offices in the state and federal government, in addition to vital local races, in which we'll choose people to lead our counties, courts and schools.

The Indy's endorsements process began nearly two months ago. We evaluated candidates based on their responses to our questionnaires and the results of our background investigations using public records, press clippings and other research. Then the endorsements committee discussed, mulled and argued the candidates' merits and demerits. If you've seen the movie Twelve Angry Men, then you can imagine the mood of the room, sans the profuse sweating.

Today, many candidates and their supporters are delighted to have our endorsement. And inevitably, those who did not receive our thumbs up are disappointed and miffed. For the voters, the Indy endorsements are intended to be a guide, not holy writ. Whomever you vote for, just vote.

U.S. President and U.S. Senate

Statewide offices

Durham County

Orange and Chatham counties

Wake County

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