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Craving Korean Food? Hit Up Cary's New H Mart


Cary already has a strong slate of Asian grocery stores that includes Grand Asia Market, Patel Brothers, S Mart, and Toyo Shokuhin, but it now has another major player: H Mart. The major Korean grocery chain with almost sixty locations nationwide opened its first North Carolina store in Cary near the intersection of Davis Drive and High House Road last week.

The store's grand opening Thursday morning was grand indeed, with hundreds of people crowded outside waiting for the doors to open at ten o'clock sharp. In addition to standard grocery offerings, H Mart has a massive selection of everything from produce to cookware from Korea, Japan, and China. Oh, and there's a whole wall of kimchi, too.

H Mart also boasts a small food court with stalls that serve Korean fried chicken, seafood pancake, soba, and more. They weren't serving at the time I was there, but all of their menus looked promising for lunch and dinner. In addition to fulfilling your all foodstuff dreams, the store also features a Tous Les Jours bakery outpost and a small TonyMoly cosmetics storeā€”if you're a fan of makeup and beauty stuff, it's hard to beat Korean products in terms of both price and quality.

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