Joule's new family-style series takes you on a geographical dining tour | Food

Joule's new family-style series takes you on a geographical dining tour


It may be a long way from high-end pour-overs to red sauce, but Joule's chef de cuisine, Sunny Gerhart, says he is "looking forward to sharing something new each month with the community"—yes, including red sauce for meatballs.

This week marks the beginning of a dinner series at Joule, Ashley Christensen's popular coffee shop and brunch spot. The series is Gerhart's pet project. The menu will have a different theme each month. In January, the menu features old-school Caesar salad, meatballs and sausage in red sauce, butternut squash and mushroom lasagna, wilted greens and toasted garlic and garlic bread. Next month's menu shifts from Little Italy to New Orleans, Gerhart's hometown. Maybe Joule is the unexpected start of your Mardi Gras?

"This series gives our team the chance to think about some new styles of food that we don't get to work with on a day-to-day basis, and to take those traditions and give them a little bit of our own Joule flavor,” Gerhart says. “I'm excited to offer this experience to our guests. Eating family-style is one of my favorite ways to enjoy dinner with friends—it's relaxed, fun, and takes some of the pressure off of dining out.”

The family-style meal costs $29 per person. Desserts, wine and cocktails will be available. The series begins Thursday, Jan. 14, and Friday, Jan. 15, continuing each subsequent Thursday and Friday with seatings at 6 and 8 p.m. You can make a reservation by emailing

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