After Chef Hamid Mojaher's death, events raise funds for medical bills | Food

After Chef Hamid Mojaher's death, events raise funds for medical bills




Support for Hamid Mojaher, (pictured at left with his wife, Holly) chef and co-owner of Mo’s Diner who passed away late last month, continues to pour in from the Triangle. Mojaher was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer earlier this year and quickly reached the cap on his insurance policy.

In August, the Indy covered a number of events scheduled to raise funds to help with Mojaher’s medical bills. Since his passing on August 28, many of these events have continued to honor Mojaher, whose career included stints at Darryl's Parizade, Maximillians, Karen's and Angus Barn, and help his family pay off the remaining medical bills.

Marvin Quinonez, assistant manager at Raleigh’s Glenwood Grill, says 85 people have purchased tickets to attend First Chef, an event scheduled between 6 and 9 p.m. on Sept. 19 to honor Mojaher’s history with the restaurant. Mojaher was the head chef at the Grill when it opened in 1990, and many of his early co-workers are helping sponsor the event: Glenwood Grill owners Sissy Ashby and Jean Martin (Martin also owns Nofo at the Pig), Doug Diesing, a former Grill owner who now owns Seaboard Wine Warehouse, Marget Ballard, a former Grill pastry chef who now owns Hayes Barton Café and Dessertery, Tim Fletcher, the Grill’s first general manager and others.

Though all of the regular tables at Glenwood Grill are booked, a few outdoor and bar seats for the event are available for $75 per person.

To reserve a seat, call the Grill at 782-3102 or visit

For more information about Mojaher and additional ways to honor him or offer support to his family, visit

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