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N.C. not on Obama, Romney schedules thru Monday — so far



From NBC News guy (h/t Jonathan Kappler) —

Obama's travel plans:

Romney's plans, with a hole on Sunday:

But then there's this, a new Obama ad with Colin Powell's endorsement:

And this:



Bottom line: If Obama can still win North Carolina — as apparently he can — why hasn't he been in the state since the Democratic Convention in Charlotte almost two months ago now?

Answer (maybe): He's ahead in Iowa, Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado and Ohio, and if holds his leads in them, he doesn't need North Carolina. If they slip away, it's trouble.

Plus, it's all ground game now in N.C. There are no undecided voters, only potential voters who may not come to the polls. Better to keep the campaign operation focused on turning them out rather than needing to gear up for a presidential visit that will generate TV coverage Obama's getting anyway.

Or something.

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