Gubernatorial debate grades — Dalton: B. McCrory: F. | Citizen

Gubernatorial debate grades — Dalton: B. McCrory: F.



If you follow me on Twitter @rjgeary, you'll know I graded the debate as Dalton, B ... McCrory, F.

Someone accused me of grading on a curve. I did give Dalton some extra credit for improving as the hour went on. (Any teacher would.) He almost knows too much about state government, and he's handicapped by not being willing to say that additional revenues — i.e., a tax increase — would help the state. Still, he takes the job seriously.

McCrory simply evaded every question except the one on fracking, which he enthusiastically supports. On top of that, McCrory offered the first misleading negative attack when he accused Dalton of supporting a 15 percent sales tax increase. Actually, it was 3/4ths of a penny, and Dalton says he backed it when it was in place, but doesn't advocate it for the next four years.

Then later, McCrory whined about the lack of honesty in political campaigns when Dalton said Charlotte's taxes were high under Pat, which they were. Of course, they were high because of Charlotte's 1/2-cent sales tax for transit, which McCrory supported 14 years ago — and which remains the one good thing on McCrory's otherwise skimpy record.

Here's my takeaway: What in the world is McCrory's position on taxes? He was asked that question directly. Of course, that doesn't mean he gave a direct answer.

I'll watch it again in the morning and maybe have more to say then.

Next up: The other debate.

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