Amendment 1 opponents: "Our fight for fairness is not over." | Citizen

Amendment 1 opponents: "Our fight for fairness is not over."



The Coalition to Protect all NC Families, which led the unsuccessful anti-Amendment 1 campaign, just issued a statement. Here it is in full:

“No One Wins Tonight in North Carolina,” says Campaign Manager, Jeremy Kennedy

Raleigh, N.C. — Tonight the discriminatory and overreaching Amendment One passed on the North Carolina primary ballot, enshrining discrimination into the state’s constitution. The amendment, which also bans civil unions and could strip rights, benefits and protections from children, families, battered women and seniors, made it to the ballot after Republicans took control of both houses of the legislature in 2010. Polling shows that support for LGBT equality is at an all-time high in North Carolina and across the country.

“While we are disappointed in tonight's result, we know this concerted North Carolina effort to defeat Amendment One and protect all of the state’s families galvanized North Carolina and mobilized North Carolinians in historic ways,” said Coalition to Protect All NC Families Campaign Manager Jeremy Kennedy. “From unheard of homegrown fundraising online to unprecedented grassroots activism on the ground, Protect All NC Families was a campaign carried on the backs of countless North Carolinians who worked tirelessly to defeat a divisive constitutional rewrite that would hurt families they know and love. And our fight for fairness is not over.”

Amendment One is about more than marriage. It is overreaching and could have unintended consequences for families, children, women and seniors in North Carolina, including loss of healthcare benefits and domestic violence protections.

Because of Amendment One’s broad language, threatening protections for all unmarried North Carolina couples and their children, it was the Protect All NC Families campaign’s charge to educate North Carolinians about the amendment’s many intended and unintended consequences. In doing so, the campaign had over one million conversations—online and on the ground—with North Carolinians about potential harms to children’s health care, unmarried women’s domestic violence protections, and threats to hospital visitation, end-of-life directives and parental rights.

In North Carolina and across the country there is a shift in public opinion on LGBT equality. The numbers from the vote on Amendment One show there is a multigenerational and multicultural support for equality.

An unprecedented coalition came together to fight Amendment One. The partnerships developed in this campaign were deep and wide. The Coalition to Protect NC Families was proud to partner with the NAACP, over 400 faith leaders from across the state and the theological spectrum, progressive organizations including Equality North Carolina and the Human Rights Campaign, business leaders, students, and every day North Carolinians.

Kennedy added: “This fight was about more than marriage. Amendment One was overreaching and will have unintended consequences for families, children, women, and seniors in North Carolina. We will continue to work with our partners across the state to ensure fairness, equality, and common sense prevail.”

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