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Dems: Dan Blue out for governor, running again for Senate



And to the list of Democrats not running for governor, add the name of state Sen. Dan Blue, D-Wake.

His statement, as quoted by the N&O::

“After long and very deep thought, I have decided not to run for governor,” Blue said in a statement. “But I am greatly moved by and want to thank the hundreds of people who called, emailed and talked to me about mounting a campaign. I am forever grateful.''
“As we look to our future,” Blue said, “its going to take a lot of discussion, deliberation, determination and thoughtful decisions, and we have to be focused on education and enhancing opportunities for all the people of our state.
“I believe several of the state Democratic gubernatorial candidates share this conviction and either can successfully move this state forward. Whoever win the nomination is going to need a strong General Assembly to help translate his ideas into effective policy. And I pledge to be a fearless advocate in the Senate to help our Democratic governor get and keep our state on the right track.''

Bllue hasn't filed as yet for his Senate seat in District 14, but obviously he plans to do so tomorrow. No one else has filed in either party.

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