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Bike lanes on Hillsborough Street: √



Will Alphin, who led the effort to have bike lanes striped on the new Hillsborough Street, took the photo you see at right and sent this note to his friends on Facebook (including moi):

"[T]wo years since we first started turning the wheels to get a bike lane on the street adjacent to the highest percentage of cyclists in raleigh - they are down. watching over a hunderd motoroists drive down hillsborough street on the inaugural night of the lanes, not a single one slipped over the line into the cylce lane. this is gonna work. thanks to cyclists that pushed for this and the city council and staff that supported it. more please!"

I think he's right. Cyclists will have to be careful and ride close to the line to avoid being "doored," but they know that. And Clark Avenue is an option if all you're trying to do is go east-to-west.

Which just goes to show the truth of my email sig, "Progress Still Possible."

[Note that it isn't "Progress Is Easy."]

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