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Ellmers likes her Tea Party with cash in the cups, thank you



Renee Ellmers
  • Renee Ellmers
Sure, Renee Ellmers got elected to Congress as a Tea Party Republican, railing against the special interests and career politicians like Bob Etheridge, her Democratic opponent, who feasted on their contributions. But even as she prepares to take the oath of office, Ellmers is faced with a choice between taking special-interest cash for her own campaign treasury and remaining pure ... but poor.

Hey, that was fast.

(Ellmers will take the cash, according to Politico, an online DC tip sheet. Duh.)

Opponents are calling Ellmers a hypocrite.

“I’m getting whiplash from the speed with which Ellmers has dropped her opposition to PACs," says Tom McMahon, executive director of the reform group Americans United for change. "Before her first day in office, she’s already to partying it up with anyone who’ll throw money her way. This speaks volumes about what she’ll do once she’s actually voting for legislation — she’s telling her constituents ‘you just got scammed’.”

"If there was ever any doubt before," said Kerra Bolton, the state Democratic Party's spokeswoman, "it should be abundantly clear now that Ellmers will be working in Congress to defend the Washington special interests and lobbyists, not the people of North Carolina.”

Kind of a harsh judgment, really. Isn't it just possible those "special interests" are giving Ellmers their $$$ because she's so passionate about opposing all special-interest legislation?

Oh, never mind.

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