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Not Raleigh? Charlotte one of four cities still in the running for the 2012 Democratic Convention




The 2012 Democratic National Convention could be in Charlotte. First week in September. And boy, State Democratic Chair David Young is psyched about it:

“North Carolina Democrats are honored that Charlotte has been named one of four finalists to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention. The Queen City would be an ideal location to host this important event, with a thriving downtown, a rich cultural history, and the capacity to accommodate a wide range of interests and tastes. The selection of Charlotte as a finalist shows that North Carolina continues to be a key battleground state and will be one of the most important states on the political map in 2012.”

Nowhere can I find the DNC announcement to which Young's full statement refers, but I believe the other three finalists are Philadelphia, Phoenix and St. Louis. All cities in swing states — PA, AR, MO — for sure. As is NC.

(Update: WRAL says the other three are St. Louis, Cleveland and Minneapolis. And the Charlotte Observer. Messes up my analysis below — I'll need to amend it.)

From what I read, Charlotte impressed by handling the National Rifle Association's national convention recently — no citizens were harmed (only the public good).

So let's see, what message does each city, if chosen, help the Democrats send?

* St. Louis: We care about dying cities, even if most of America doesn't.

* Phoenix: We've got the border issues solved, and we're ready to talk immigration reform.

* Charlotte: Nothing says TARP like a city with big bank buildings. We bailed 'em out, whether you wanted us to or not.

* Philadelphia: Anyone for a history lesson on the Framers, and overcoming political divisions for the good of the nation?

* Cleveland (added, per WRAL): Who needs jobs when there's rock 'n' roll?

* Minneapolis (added " " "): Keynoter speakers: Ed Asner and Mary Tyler Moore.

Liked Philadelphia, but apparently it's out? Still not seeing Charlotte, however.

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