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Marshall, Burr tied in new poll — and it's not a Democratic poll



Elaine Marshall
  • Elaine Marshall

Talk about your post-primary bounces. Democrat Elaine Marshall, whose chances against incumbent Republican Richard Burr were little and none on Monday — according to every pundit you know — is neck-and-neck with him on Thursday in the race for Burr's U.S. Senate seat, according to a new Rasmussen Poll. And as all poll fans know, Rasmussen's polls are either OK or a little skewed to the GOP side of things. They are not in the business of making Democrats look better than they are, put it that way. Three weeks ago, Rasmussen had Marshall behind by 50-36 percent while a PPP poll had her within seven points. The new Rasmussen Poll is: Burr 44, Marshall 43 — within the margin of error, obviously.

Here's a comment Jack Nichols, the Wake Democratic chair, made to me Tuesday night that I'll pass along. Burr's raised $10 million so far and spent half of it, and yet the polls haven't budged for him. He's still at or below 50 percent, not good for an incumbent. Marshall, on a shoestring campaign so far, has caught up and is all of a sudden looking pretty competitive. And confident — funny how winning makes you look more like a winner.

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