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PPP to Sen. Burr: Don't look back, they're gaining on you


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Sen. Richard Burr, R-NC
  • Sen. Richard Burr, R-NC
Call it what you want, the Tea Party aka the same old crusty conservatives who think things oughta be the way they oughta be just isn't that popular. That's the simple explanation of today's Public Policy Polling result, which puts Democrat Elaine Marshall within a single point of Sen. Richard Burr, the Republican incumbent. Marshall's runoff opponent, Cal Cunningham, fares only slightly worse than Marshall when matched up with Burr.

PPP's Tom Jensen is hedging his bets: Elaine and Cal are in a better position now than Sen. Kay Hagan was at this point in '08, the year she unseated Republican Liddy Dole. On the other hand, Elaine and Cal didn't exactly light it up turnout-wise in last week's primary (and now Cal, notwithstanding my prediction, is putting them through a re-run).


It's good for Marshall and Cunningham that they're in a comparable or better position than Hagan at this point two years ago, but there's no guarantee the rest of this story will play itself out as it did in 2008. It's still shaping up as a strong election year for Republicans in North Carolina, and the turnout numbers from last week's primary suggested a lack of interest in this year's election among Democratic voters. Still it's becoming increasingly clear that Burr will not coast to victory this fall, and that regardless of who the Democratic nominee is this should be a very competitive race.

"That was fast" UPDATE: Within moments of the poll's release, this arrived from Elaine Marshall her own self. (I'm the Robert; I don't contribute to campaigns, however, nor can I take any credit for her "surge" — all she wants is $5? )

Robert -

I wasn't planning on emailing you this morning, but the news was too important not to share. PPP has just released their monthly tracking poll between us and Burr and they report that we've pulled to within a statistical tie with the incumbent Senator.

This surge is a direct result of your hard work these last five months, but we can't rest for a moment. Now it's time to continue our advancement and take him down.

Chip in $5 or more today and help us continue this surge in the next month:


Thank you for everything,

Elaine Marshall

P.S. Let's take the momentum and run with it. Contribute $5 or more today!


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