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Simple: Vote for Lanya Shapiro



Click here to cast your vote. You'll see why.

Never heard of her? (That hurts. She was an Indy Citizen Award winner.)

Here's a precis:

Lanya Shapiro is a social entrepreneur, a tireless activist and organizer, and part of the vanguard of the modern progressive movement. Her most recent cutting-edge endeavor is Traction, a Durham, N.C.-based offline social network designed to turn young voters into energized and engaged activists who will, over time, power the progressive movement as volunteers, donors, board members and elected officials. By putting a creative spin on classic progressive issues, Traction helps the forward-thinking nonprofits with whom it collaborates to reach and engage a younger audience. During the three years before she started Traction, her political organizing in the Howard Dean grassroots earned her the respect of Democracy For America staff; when Bush brought his Social Security privatization tour to Raleigh in 2005, Lanya organized the counter-rally. Lanya served on Durham's Citizens' Advisory Committee, which advises local elected officials on Community Development Block Grant allocations and helped transform the advisory committee into a force that elected officials are aware of and actually listen to.

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