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PPP: Wake voters are split on new school board's performance


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The first question in Public Policy Polling's survey of Wake County voters: Do you approve or disapprove of the actions of the new school board majority since it took office in December? Interestingly, just 10% said they're not sure. 47% disapproved to 42% who approved. Similarly, 48 percent think the new board majority has not been "fair, open and respectful" to people with different ideas than theirs; again, the number saying the board's been respectful was 42 percent.

PPP's analysis and a copy of the poll itself, with breakdowns by partisan registration (Dems, GOP, independents) can be read on their blog. Overall, says PPP's Tom Jensen, neither side in the school board wars is in a position to claim a mandate just yet.

Key findings: Democrats (69%) and independents (65%) think the school board majority should figure out how much its policy changes will cost before plunging in. Republicans? Not as many (49%). In other words, only half of the normally tight-fisted GOP crowd want a pricetag on these changes they like so much.

And if, indeed, these changes DO cost more? Well, Democrats would be opposed (56-26%), and independent split (33-32% opposed). But Republicans would be OK with spending more of the taxpayers' money for what they want — by 43-27%.


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