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Del Burns resigns as Wake schools leader -- in protest



Wake Schools Superintendent Del Burns announced his resignation at the school board meeting today. It's effective June 30. He can't, in good conscience, continue to do what the school board majority is telling him to. Here's his statement.

More than 33 years ago my career as an educator began at Aldert Root Elementary School. And since that time, I've served in a number of positions: as an elementary and high school special education teacher; as an assistant principal and as an elementary principal in magnet schools; as the principal of two high schools; as associate superintendent, deputy superintendent, and now as superintendent-all in the Wake County Public School System.

In each role, I have worked to the best of my ability for all children, supporting a strong school system, not just a system of schools.

I was proud that day in 1976 when I first became an employee. To this point I have always considered myself fortunate to be a part of the Wake County Public School System.

With that said, based upon personal and obligatory considerations, it is clear to me that I cannot, in all good conscience, continue to serve as superintendent.

Therefore, out of respect for the Board, out of respect for its direction and its decisions, I provide to the Chair written notice that effective June 30, 2010, I resign my position.

Update: WRAL has a report up: Chairman Margiotta hopes Burns didn't quit because of anything he/the majority did. Of course that's why he resigned, Anne McLaurin replies.

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