And then there were nine Ty Harrell replacement wannabees -- so far. | Citizen

And then there were nine Ty Harrell replacement wannabees -- so far.



Wake Democratic Party Chair Jack Nichols updated us this evening on the list of folks interested in replacing ex-state Rep. Ty Harrell, who resigned his District 41 seat this week. There are nine thus far. They include, as we reported earlier, Cary Town Council member Gale Adcock and Chris Heagarty, the former director of the N.C. Center for Voter Education, who's now a third-year law student at N.C. Central. Also on the list: former state Sen. Linda Gunter, western Wake Dems activist Matt Danielson, and John Shaw, who's a leader in the Sierra Club and in WakeUP Wake County.

The choice of a replacement will be made by Democratic party officials, including precinct chairs and vice chairs, who live in District 41. They must act within 30 days. Nichols indicated that he's shooting for a selection meeting by October 17.

Whoever's picked will fill the remainder of Harrell's term and -- presumably -- try to hold the seat for the party in the 2010 elections.

Nichols' full list:

--  Gale Adcock, Cary Town Council member and a Nurse Practitioner with SAS;

-- Matthew Danielson, former Wake County Democratic Party Vice chair for Cary and a businessman;

-- Linda Gunter, former State Senator and Government Relations Specialist for the North Carolina Association of Educators;

-- Chris Heagarty, former director of the N.C. Center for Voter Education and a 3rd year law student

-- Christopher Headen, Executive Director of Durham Meals on Wheels;

--Steve Rao, Morrisville businessman who is Director, Business Development at Datacraft Solutions,

-- Janet Schanzenbach, lobbyist for mental health programs and rehabilitation facilities and current Precinct Vice-Chair

-- John Shaw, a retired electrical engineer, Democratic Party activist and current Precinct Vice-Chair;

-- Terry L. "Doc" Thorne, Democratic Party candidate for Cary District A

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