Happy 75th, American Dance Festival (and a nice 2nd, Indy ADF Blog...) | Arts

Happy 75th, American Dance Festival (and a nice 2nd, Indy ADF Blog...)



---Hey, D, we finally got the studio door open!

Man, this place has gotta air out. Geez, nobody must have cleaned in here since -- what'd you say?

What do you mean we're on the air???

...and welcome back! The Independent Weekly's ongoing coverage of the 2008 American Dance Festival's 75th Anniversary Season begins today, both here and in our free weekly print version, available throughout the Triangle region of central North Carolina.

For your consideration, we're reposting from printed page our inimitable company profiles for the first part of the season. In them you'll find our usual assortment of cheers -- and occasional cautionary notes -- for the next few weeks ahead.

Tomorrow on the blog: the first in this year's series of exclusive video previews -- footage of ADF mainstage shows that you won't find anywhere else. On Thursday's menu: a taste of Ailey II's production of Revelations that festival-goers will be seeing this weekend. Friday's fare? New work from Shen Wei . . .

We'll close with a shout-out to a group of readers particularly near to our hearts. They're those thousands of desperate (but, um, discerning) college dance students out there who put three serious spikes on our page counts during the off-months: in November (2,200), February (2,300) and May (2,500) -- just about when those term papers were due, eh, kiddies? -- even though we'd discontinued coverage at the end of last July.

Now, we're certain that each and every one of you used the correct APA, Chicago or Turabian formats to properly cite our -- ahem -- copyrighted works. But still, somehow, we feel so . . . used . . .

It's probably going to take a little while to get last year's coverage properly archived. And we've clearly got a little mopping and sweeping to do on the blogroll and categories that are still stuck in 2007. Until we do, our summary judgment of the 2007 ADF lies immediately below, along with the rest of our posts from that certain season. Now that you've had some time to think about it, you can respond in the comments section, here.

Welcome back. So . . . wanna dance?

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