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...and tonight, from North Carolina...


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The second of ADF's Acts to Follow showcases devoted to North Carolina choreographers convenes in Baldwin Auditorium at 8 p.m. Highlights:

  • former Trisha Brown dancer Niki Juralewicz's Elemental, described as a "tender, vicious, and playful" series of solos, trios, and duets,
  • Ashlee Ramsey and Katheryn Ullom's No, I Agree, a study in mixed messages we enjoyed at Bickett Gallery earlier this year,
  • former Alvin Ailey dancer Duane Cyrus' delicious Fruit Flows From Root, and
  • an excerpt from former Laura Dean dancer Rodger Belman's theatrical Fate.

Admission's free -- but after we roasted in the auditorium during the International Choreographers in Residence concert this week, our recommendations: dress light, and bring fans.

Before that, Cadence Dubus' Tender Age, a restaging of the half-hour work she presented at Dance New Amstersdam earlier this year with costumes by Nathan Keay. The show's had a last-minute change of venue. Look for it in the first floor studio beneath the Ark tonight at 7 p.m.


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