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This just in: Argentine Festival is a "Go"



ADF associate director Jodee Nimerichter announced Monday afternoon that the Argentine festival of performances is back on the schedule for the 2007 American Dance Festival.

The week of performances by five companies and choreographers slated for July 5-10 was suddenly endangered last week when Marca Argentina, an Argentine government agency, informed ADF on June 19 that it was backing out of a February agreement to fund the companies’ travel to the United States. The development left 14 of the 19 scheduled Argentine dancers from Grupo Krapp, Compania Contenido Bruto, and Edgardo Mercado, Gabriela Prado and Eugenia Estevez, without plane tickets to the United States.

But Monday, the SunTrust Foundation issued a challenge grant in the amount of $6,500 to help bridge the estimated $14,000 deficit. And good news came from another quarter: American Airlines announced it would donate a ticket to cover one of the dancers and offer discounts on the rest.

“We feel we can move forward now,” said Nimerichter, “and as you can imagine, the companies really need to know if they’re coming at this point.”

At press time, the festival had already received $975 in community donations to make up the difference. Patrons can contribute to the fund by phone with a major credit card or by mailing a contribution marked “Argentine Festival” to Box 90772, Durham NC 27708.

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