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Welcome to the blog. Look, fair warning at the front: This is going to be an experiment.

We’re all about to find out what happens when multiple voices (including, hopefully, yours) and views (of our photographer and documentary videographer—as well as any artists out there working with dance and video or film) are given a public forum to respond to—and possibly initiate—some of the latest developments at the American Dance Festival.

Tomorrow on the site? “Being that unidentified flying object is a pain in the ass”—the complete text of our interview with choreographer Martha Clarke.

Now, riffing on our story in this week's Indy, here’s a convenient chart that makes the case for déjà vu in this year’s festival programming: Hey, haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

“Wait a minute—haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”

A number of this summer’s dance works should look familiar to ADF aficionados: They’ve been staged here before. (Some received their world premiere in Durham.) These 16 works should give sharp observers more than a moment’s sense of dèjá vu:

Work Artist 2007 Date Previous Date
The Garden of Earthly Delights Martha Clarke June 7-9 Played here in 1985, after rocking New York off-Broadway the year before.
Planetary Dance Anna Halprin June 10 An early, indoor version called Circle the Earth, in 1986
Odunde African American Dance Ensemble June 12-13 Seen here in 1984
Worship African American Dance Ensemble June 12-13 First performed at ADF in 1999
Nostalgia Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theater June 14-16 World premiere of shorter version as A Little Bit of Nostalgia at ADF’s 2004 International Choreographer Commissioning Program concert
Pseudopodia Pilobolus June 21-23 Seen here in 2000. And 1998. And 1996.

And 1995, 1992, 1991, 1986, and 1978. (And at Connecticut College, the old ADF, in 1974.)

Megawatt (15 minute version) Pilobolus June 21-23 Performed in 2004 and 2005.
Grain Eiko & Koma June 25-27 First performed at ADF in 1984.
Folding Shen Wei Dance Arts July 1-3 The “swollen head” piece bowed here in 2000.
The Rite of Spring Shen Wei Dance Arts July 1-3 Two, not one, ADF world premieres for this stunning work: Part I in 2002, Part II in 2003.
The Stab Susana Tambutti July 8-10 This manic, comic solo has played here 1989, 1992 and 1996.
Arden Court Paul Taylor Dance Company July 12-14 This sunny ensemble piece has played Page Auditorium seven times since 1981.
Esplanade Paul Taylor Dance Company July 12-14 Somebody in programming must really like this one. One of the most frequently repeated works at ADF, Esplanade has been performed at nine festivals since 1978.
How Long Brethren? Helen Tamiris July 16-18 Tamiris’ 1937 setting of old African American protest songs was last seen here in 1993.
Sky Light Laura Dean July 16-18 Dean’s dervish and African dance fusion was staged in 1993 as well.
Grand Duo Mark Morris Dance Group July 19-21 We saw this witty illustration of Lou Harrison’s dramatic music in 1996 and 2000.


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