Video: Delta Rae succumbs to the Southern Lord, dances in a graveyard



In honor of Halloween, Delta Rae—Durham's Forever 21 version of a roots-rock band—has released a new music video for the song "Dance in the Graveyards," from its major-label debut, Carry the Fire. In said video, the band—clad in ghastly face paint and holding torches of fire—actually dances around a graveyard, as if to summon the great Baphomet himself. As best as we can tell, neither Gaahl nor the ghost of Euronymous were involved in the production.

Though Indy Week has historically had its problems with Delta Rae, we hereby embrace their embrace of the darkness. Forget the Fleetwood Mac covers; soon, let's hope they're covering fellow Durham songwriter John Darnielle or, you know, Rotting Christ.

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