"Sinful or Saved? What Medieval People Did to Get to Heaven" 

When: Thu., March 7, 7 p.m. 2013


I hold doors for people but I also cut them off on the highway. I'm a feminist and I'm raising two empowered daughters but I also have lascivious thoughts. Basically, I'm human, which has lower stakes now than in medieval times. Katharine Brophy Dubois, a visiting assistant professor in history and religion at Duke, lectures on sin and the ordinary guy or gal in the Middle Ages, focusing on the steps people were counseled or commanded to take on the road to salvation. She'll concentrate on the rituals people developed to avoid sins, as well as those apologetic rituals that cleansed you when you slipped up. Bring your immortal soul to the reception that follows her lecture. —Chris Vitiello

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