Poet Jaki Shelton Green is first Piedmont Laureate

Posted by Bob Geary on Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 1:37 PM


Jaki Shelton Green
  • Jaki Shelton Green

The Orange County poetess is recognized by arts groups in Raleigh and Wake, Durham and Orange counties. Why? 

In his letter of support for Ms. Green’s application, Joseph Bathanti, professor of creative writing at Appalachian State University, wrote: “ I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Jaki in action (the operative word for her dynamism)....  Her readings are electrifying.  She is a presence at the podium, a meld of panache and humility that embraces every audience… She is North Carolina poetry’s Billie Holiday…”

Three years ago in the Indy, Howard Craft likened her to His Airness, Michael Jordan.

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