Simple Music Video Series: Kenny Roby's "The Craziest Kid Around"



I first encountered the name Kenny Roby while listening to a Whiskeytown bootleg from The Brewery, recorded Oct. 22, 1999. Not having been in the Triangle during the great alt-country hope, I never got to see the band for which he is best known, 6 String Drag.

But after getting my hands on those records, I moved on to his solo material. At the time Roby was not playing out very often. The first time I was able to record him a few years later, he was playing fantastic original tunes while trying to be heard over a noisy American Aquarium crowd at The Pour House. I immediately became a fan.

Roby just released his latest album, Memories & Birds, which is being hailed as his best. He's playing two shows at Kings on Friday, with JKutchma opening the first (7:30 p.m.) and the Temperance League opening the second (10 p.m.)

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