Simple Music Video Series: The Debonzo Brothers' "The Way You Look at Me"



The Debonzo Brothers are one of the hardest-working groups in Raleigh. Confident in their sound regardless of the publicity (or lack thereof) it garners, they can be seen at nearly every venue in the Triangle during the course of a year, from playing Sadlack's outside in December to a quiet acoustic performance at The City Tap in Pittsboro.

Last year, they released One Damn Heart, a fine collection of alt-country tunes with a slight pop take. It's interesting to consider the musical influences driving the duo: Their father, Dave Debonzo, is quite the acoustic guitar player; see him perform and know where the brothers get their passion.

They have recently joined the Cardinal Collective, a self described South-Eastern Indie Rock Collective that leans more toward alt-country. Several local groups are in the unit, including Some Army, Old Quarter and Jack the Radio. "Networking with that group of bands across the state [makes] bills easier," says Jeff Debonzo.

Catch the Brothers Monday, Jan. 21, at Local 506 with Magic Mike and Todd Warner. Their next band show is Feb. 8 at Tir Na Nog.

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