Whatever Brains release video for new song, "Bellied Up at Sick Town"



Bellied Up At Sick Town by Whatever Brains from LoganSayles on Vimeo.

Raleigh's Whatever Brains are nothing if not prolific. After releasing self-titled LPs in 2011 and 2012 that landed less than a year apart, the darkly sarcastic post-punks return with a video for "Bellied Up at Sick Town," a new demo that will likely be included on the outfit's in-progress third album. The video captures the Brains in their recent live line-up, which features the added percussion of an extra floor tom and two guys on synthesizer. The result is a complex and demanding track where rhythms ricochet off one another in disorienting fashion. One of the band's trademark bass lines mixes skuzz and muscle as synths steeped in '80s horror add a sense of stylish creepiness. The video mimics the sound as screens behind the band display videos of them playing, images doubling and refracting with psychedelic abandon. If the video leaves you hungry for more Brains, they have also posted another demo — entitled "Companymen" — to their website.

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