Prognosis good: Raleigh Councilor Crowder being treated for testicular cancer


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Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane began today's budget preview session with news about District D Councilor Thomas Crowder: He's been diagnosed with testicular cancer and will be enduring chemotherapy treatments over the next few weeks. His prognosis is good for a full recovery. He's out of action today and for tomorrow's regular Council meeting.

I spoke with Crowder earlier. He said he was hospitalized during the first round of chemo but the rest will be on an outpatient basis. His doctors told him he'll need to dial back his work through June, but he can expect to be back at full strength July 1. He's up for re-election this fall with the rest of the Council. He will be running again for a sixth two-year term, he said. First elected in 2003, Crowder is the Council's senior member and its most outspoken proponent of neighborhood-friendly development and public transportation.


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