Note to Kieran Shanahan: About that motto of yours —


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A tough Irishman, is the way Kieran Shanahan likes to be seen.

Shanahan is Governor-elect McCrory's pick to be secretary of public safety.

It's a big job now that prisons have been rolled into the same department with other functions like the Highway Patrol.

A former Raleigh city council member, Shanahan is an ex-prosecutor who's scowling even when he's smiling — which from a fellow Irishman is meant as a compliment.

He's been working his way up in the Republican ranks, so no surprise that he's in McCrory's cabinet.

But in the wake of recent events, Shanahan might want to think about a new motto for his law firm, in place of the current — as of this morning — questionable one. Which is:

"Don't bring a knife to a gunfight."

from the website of the Shanahan Law Group PLLC
  • from the website of the Shanahan Law Group PLLC


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