(Updated: Now, it's on Sunday, details still TBD) Bill Clinton coming to Raleigh: N.C. in play | Citizen | Indy Week

(Updated: Now, it's on Sunday, details still TBD) Bill Clinton coming to Raleigh: N.C. in play



So yesterday we learned that neither Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney has N.C. on their travel schedules for the rest of the campaign. Then we learned Michelle Obama will be in Charlotte Monday. And now we know that Bill Clinton is due in Raleigh on Saturday morning Sunday. [Update: The campaign has moved it back a day.]

Where in Raleigh? Don't know. When? Early, I think — but don't know. I'm sure the campaign is scrambling to find a suitable venue — and have it help with Early Voting turnout, not get in the way.

N.C. State, maybe?

More when we have something more.

Everything I see tells me Obama is pulling ahead of Romney by 2-3 points nationally, more in critical states for Romney (Virginia, N.H., Wisconsin, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, and the all-important Ohio). Obama is focusing his efforts there, as he should. He doesn't need North Carolina to win. That doesn't mean he can't win it.

Similarly, Romney must assume that he'll win in North Carolina and try to make up ground in the other states where he's trailing. But the fact that he must look past N.C. doesn't mean he'll win it. Every recent poll but one says N.C. is dead even — a tossup.

This morning's jobs report is huge for Obama, as is the fact that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican, is showing him the kind of respect for the president that no Republican in Congress has shown him since, well, since Obama was inaugurated. It's a reminder of what bipartisanship would look like if the Republicans weren't so damnably, cynically partisan.

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