Full Frame Day 3: Hoops at the beginning and at the end



William Gates in HOOP DREAMS, directed by Steve James.  A Fine Line Features release.
  • William Gates in HOOP DREAMS, directed by Steve James. A Fine Line Features release.

It's another beautiful day in Durham. Flowers bloom, birds sing, and the Full Frame doc fest hits the home stretch.

Last night we went to bed with visions of Zidane in ZIDANE still burned into the retinas, and the Africanist polyrhythms of Youssou N'Dour in I BRING WHAT I LOVE ringing in the ears.

Today, however, begins and ends with basketball: At 10 a.m. there's a free community screening of Steve James' and Peter Gilbert's indelible HOOP DREAMS. See our interview with James here.

And tonight at 8:47 p.m., local doc fans will have a dilemma: Movies or the Final Four semifinal between UNC-Chapel Hill and Villanova. I'll opt for the former. There are just too many good movies to pass up.

In between the basketball today, the movie highlights include Indy pick hits THE COVE, BURMA VJ: REPORTING FROM A CLOSED COUNTRY and REPORTER. Also, two of our writers saw Eva Weber's short, STEEL HOMES, and recommend it highly (it precedes OBJECTIFIED). Click here for the Indy's review capsules

Elsewhere, the late St. Clair Bourne is remembered with a screening of IN MOTION: AMIRI BARAKA. Another big event is THE SEPTEMBER ISSUE; tickets are scarce for this look at the production of Vogue's biggest issue, the multi-pound titular doorstop).

There's also MIROIR NOIR, the Arcade Fire doc, late tonight. Today's schedule is here

For all the movies, I confess that, if I have an opportunity late this evening, I might wander past the television in the Marriott Hotel bar—and not because we saw Colin Firth and Patricia Clarkson having a drink there last night.   

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