Man vs. nature. Tree vs. parking deck. Who wins?


Corcoran Street parking deck, Durham - LISA SORG
  • Lisa Sorg
  • Corcoran Street parking deck, Durham

The spiral ramp of the 658-space Corcoran Street parking garage is something to behold. Enter through the back off Ramseur Street, and the weight of all that concrete—buttressed by a few seemingly spindly poles—makes you feel like the garage could collapse at any moment.

Since I rarely drive to work, I walk by here almost every day but never park inside. I spotted this tree, which bisects the ramp, and marveled at the rigidity of the manmade structure (and I say manmade because this is an old parking deck and it's unlikely any women worked on it) and how it intersects with the malleability of nature.

I don't know which was here first, the tree or the garage, but both have managed to co-exist. What a lovely place.

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